Professional SEO Services – Search Engine Optimization

Our professional SEO services include a series of coordinated steps that increase the chance of your website showing on the search engine results page (SERP). People also refer to this presence in the SERP as organic rankings. Presence on the SERP for terms important to your business leads to increased traffic and leads from your website. While the business does not pay for each visitor to the website from organic search results, there is ongoing effort and time required to optimize the website and achieve top results.

Professional SEO services generally have a very high return on investment because people using search engines have high intent to purchase. That means that rather than having to convince someone that they need your service, SEO visitors have already indicated their interest by searching for keywords that match your business category. SEO is a long-term play and something that we will talk through as far as timing of results. SEO typically shows up as one of the lowest cost lead sources in annual surveys of marketers for businesses that have invested in SEO for at least 18 months.

Six Reasons to Invest in Professional SEO Services

  1. There is no traffic ceiling max – you are not constrained only by paying per click and your budget.
  2. SEO traffic has the biggest ROI possibility – higher intent visitors equal higher conversion rates.
  3. Limited creative costs – unlike social media you are not constantly having to come up with new creative images/ads that are also possibly limited by ever-changing policies.
  4. SEO as a service is mature and stable – ranked consistently as the best ROI in digital marketing because it drives steady and consistent growth, and not constantly changing based on app rule, platform policies.
  5. Can limit the need for paid advertising over time – SEO is a long-term play for new or low ranked sites, but over time can limit the need for other paid mediums.
  6. Long-term results – once you move to page one of the rankings, you have the ability to reap the rewards for the long term.

Our SEO Process – Search Climb SEO

dietz group professional seo services - search climb SEO

1. Building a strong base camp.

During the first few months, we will focus heavily on building a strong base camp with your website. We will work on finalizing keyword planning and onsite content implementation for your “trailblazing pages” including; SEO optimized content, meta titles, meta descriptions, alt tags, and more. We will also coordinate local citation submissions and ensure you are set up on local directories like Google Business Profile. Lastly, we resolve any initial technical site issues that might be impacting your SEO opportunity. This foundational step, or base camp, allows for the most optimal performance for all campaign efforts going forward.

2. Starting the rankings climb.

Once the initial onsite updates are complete, we begin the climb phase of our professional SEO services.  To begin climbing the search rankings we focus on three core ongoing elements: blogging, link acquisition, and site monitoring/technical SEO.

We recommend ongoing blogging or blog editing to provide useful information to your audience and also the search engines. Based on your target keywords our team will develop a blog planning guide and implementation strategy. Our goal is to build quality, link-worthy content to help improve your rankings. We have several different SEO plans and your plan will determine the number of blogs we write each month.

Link acquisition, or link-building as it is commonly referred to, is a key piece to improving your site ranking/authority and a core focus of our efforts on an ongoing basis. Our link-building strategy incorporates blogger outreach and content syndication.

Our software also constantly monitors your website for technical SEO opportunities or issues, allowing us to make any quick adjustments that might help improve your site score. We will monitor for a variety of issues including – site speed, 404 errors, meta issues/opportunities, and more.

3. Reaching the peak.

The ultimate goal is to work your site on to page 1 and eventually the top 3 positions. Once you reach top ranking, we continue with our core climb phase elements to ensure you hold your space going forward and reap the rewards of your search climb journey.


As part of our professional SEO services, all clients will also receive detailed monthly reporting that includes site traffic, keyword rankings, phone call metrics, form submission metrics, reviews monitoring, and more. We will review these reports with you on a regular basis so you understand them and the ROI you are getting on your campaign.

We work with a variety of businesses, however here are a few areas where we have specialized experience:

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