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Do I Need DIY SEO Software?

Are you a business owner who's interested in digital marketing?

You own a business and know digital marketing is important. You have time (at least 5 hours/month), but maybe not the budget to hire our team to do it for you. This software is for you!

Have you attempted to improve you search presence but you still aren’t getting results?

SEO is not easy, otherwise everyone would do it. SEO also takes years and years of expertise to maximize results. We've taken over 20 years of expertise and simplified this for you.

Search Climb DIY SEO Software by The Dietz Group can help!

Search ranking is a significant first step in building your online presence.

It can initially seem overwhelming if you’ve never focused on search engine optimization (SEO). SEO is a ranking determined by a search engine (the biggest being Google) that ranks your website based on how helpful your content is to your potential customers. Search engines decide how credible your website is based on how well your site answers the common questions search engine users type in. Since 63% of all shopping experiences start online, getting your site in front of your customers is essential.

We can work within this system by reverse engineering the algorithm. This is a complicated process. But we help to simplify it by combining our years of experience and modern technology into our platform called Search Climb. Search Climb is DIY SEO software that can help you identify what your potential customers are searching for; we break that down into common keywords and guide you on content and other actions around those words that are helpful to your potential customers.

When someone types a question into a search engine like Google, and your website is the first site ranked to answer, it builds credibility in your brand in the eyes of your customers. Most customers will visit your website before they enter your door, so having an online presence is incredibly important in today’s digitally driven world. Those online visits ultimately lead to more site visits and sales for your business. You can read more about how SEO can help small businesses here.

See how your site is performing and compares to your competition!

How To Do Your Own SEO

Maybe you’ve tried to build content around keywords on your own, or you’ve even looked into hiring an SEO specialist, but the price tag is more than you want to pay. At the Dietz Group, we are passionate about helping small businesses succeed. That’s why we offer a DIY SEO Software. With this service, we are giving you access to our DIY SEO Tool, Search Climb.

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How Does Search Climb Work?

Search climb breaks the task of improving your Search Engine ranking into 3 core elements:

diy seo software - search climb keyword research

1. SEO Strategy

First, it helps you build a strategy to boost your website ranking by analyzing your current website and helping you identify target keywords.

Keyword Research

Our system helps you find the most important keywords for your business and helps build a plan around them.

Content Planning

Based on your Keywords, our system will help identify content opportunities that will help your site rank faster!

And More...

As part of the strategy we help you map keywords to ideal pages, optimize your Google Business Profile and much more.

2. Complete Actions to Improve Ranking

Then it provides easy-to-complete actions that allow you to improve your rankings. Those actions include technical SEO, content optimization, content planning, link management and more. You get to decide how many hours you invest and our actions tool will prioritize the most important tasks for you. Not tech savvy? Our actions tool walks you through how to complete tasks, and our team is also available to answer general questions via chat support or to assist with completing actions at an hourly rate.

Actions Based on Hours

Our system prioritizes actions you need to take based on the hours you can spend on your site each month. Pick from 1 to 50 hours, although ideal results are found with a minimum of 5-10 hours/month.

Easy To Follow Instructions

Not only will Search Climb prioritize actions for you, but it will also guide you on how to complete these actions.

AI Content Wizard For Blog Writing

Use our AI content wizard to help draft 400-500 word blogs and reduce the headache of researching and writing content.

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search climb diy seo software reporting

3. Review the Results of Your Work

Lastly, you can see the impact the daily tasks are achieving in tracking your performance with our easy-to-use reporting.

Direct Link With Google Analytics

Make reviewing your performance simpler with a direct integration with Google Analytics. This allows you to monitor your site traffic and improvements all within the software.

Build Custom Reports

Show off your results to your team with easy to build reports, or pick from pre-designed templates. Schedule reports as well!

Following these easy steps can boost your search engine ranking over time.


Professional Help With SEO

If the idea of doing it all seems a little overwhelming, or you don’t have time to manage yet another task list as a business owner, we are happy to offer “Done For You” professional SEO services as well. It’s our goal to make running your business easier. If you want us to manage digital marketing, we have years of experience helping companies increase their online search engine ranking and boost their online visibility and reputation.

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