Why is SEO important for Accountants?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the essential strategies for all businesses with an online presence, but it’s especially effective for accountants who want to see their business grow. Unfortunately, many people in the accounting industry are still relying on word of mouth, traditional marketing or Google reviews to bring in tomorrow’s business. We want to put that control back in your hands. By working with a professional marketing firm, we can create a timeline with practical steps that will improve your business’s SEO which we have found to be directly related to the growth of your business.

How can SEO help me grow my accounting business?

SEO is the most effective way to increase your business’s online visibility. These strategies have been effective in hundreds of different industries, but at the Dietz Group, we tailor our approach to your specific industry and your geographical location. Many people think SEO should only be important for major national brands, but we’ve seen our clients experience vast growth even when they are small and locally owned.

Why should I make room for SEO in my marketing budget?

SEO ranking is one of the most reliable ways to boost year-over-year earnings by building an online presence for your company. Of course, like all good things, it doesn’t work overnight, it takes time to build out a strategy and implement these changes, but the results are worth it.

How does SEO Work for accounting firms?

One of the most prominent challenges accountants face is gaining new clients. With so many firms out there, it’s hard to stand out from the crowd; many firms rely on word of mouth or personal recommendations to grow their business. We want to help you attract more of the clients you want to work with to your business.

SEO is a digital marketing strategy used to improve your business’s visibility to potential clients. SEO works by improving your position in search results. Your business appears on the first page of search results on Google or Bing, which establishes your accounting firm’s authority as a trustworthy and reliable option for potential clients. It also places you directly in front of prospective clients who are actively searching for your service, something that other marketing mediums just can’t match.

To accomplish these goals in a timely manner, you need an experienced marketing team on your side. The Dietz Group has the experience and the intel you need to bring your business to the top.

seo for accountants - what you need to know

What is Search Climb SEO, and how can it help me?

Search Climb SEO is our custom SEO process strategy that has been proven to increase profits across various industries. We will focus heavily on building a solid base camp with your current website; we’ll improve your onsite content and establish your “trailblazing pages” to set your business apart. We get your digital house in order by ensuring you’re set up on local directories and resolve initial technical site issues that might be affecting your SEO.

After the initial updates are complete, we begin to implement content to help you improve your search ranking by focusing on a few core elements, blogging, link acquisition, and site monitoring/technical SEO. These steps will allow us to show up in target searches by your ideal clients and provide information to potential clients, further establishing you as an authority in your field.

We focus on providing quality link-worthy content to help improve your rankings developed by professional writers and editors. This strategy goes hand in hand with link acquisition or link building, where we can improve your site ranking (or perceived brand authority) by incorporating blogger outreach and content syndication. We do all of this while monitoring your website for technical SEO opportunities and issues; this allows us to make quick adjustments that can help improve your overall score.

We continue this strategy until your business gains that page one placement and eventually takes over the top three positions on a Google search results. Once that is achieved, we will continue working hard to keep you there.

You might be thinking, “Sounds great, but how do I know it’s working?” We’re glad you asked! As part of our professional SEO services, you’ll receive detailed monthly reporting that includes site traffic, keyword rankings, conversion stats, phone call metrics, form submission metrics, online reviews monitoring, and more. We aren’t just going to hand you a confusing report of technical jargon either; we will review these reports with you regularly so you can be confident you’re working toward the ROI you deserve and getting the most out of your campaign.

Why should I work with the Dietz Group?

The Dietz Group specializes in digital marketing and website design. Our goal when working with clients is simple; we want to help you Connect, Engage and Grow. Our mission is to help you grow your business, we succeed when you succeed, and we do that by focusing on conversion and communication. We strive to develop campaigns that convert traffic into sales because we want to ensure that what you spend will deliver a return for you and your business. Communication is critical in any business relationship, and we pride ourselves on always being there for our clients. When you work with us, we show up for you. There is no question of being too big or too small and we treat our clients the way we want to be treated with honesty, integrity, and measurable results. Contact us today to see the difference we can make for your business.

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