Margaret Guy

Social Media & Email Coordinator

Margaret is our Social Media Content Developer. She works on organic social media and creating Facebook Ads and will soon expand into new client outreach and onboarding. Although she’s relatively new to us, she has years of experience in marketing following her graduation with a Bachelors of Science degree from Clemson University.

Margaret loves gaining agency experience and enjoys working with our diverse group of clients. One of her favorite things about being on our team is the great work-life balance, a key component of our company culture.

Margaret lives in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is the eldest of four siblings. She just completed a yoga instructor training program and spends her free time doing yoga, traveling, rock climbing, and spending time with her friends, family, and her dog Andie.

Margaret is an enthusiastic and hardworking teammate, we love having her on our team, and we’re excited to see her continue to grow in her role!