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How Can I Use Dermatology Marketing To Boost My Online Presence?

Dermatology marketing presents a special challenge for dermatologists looking to attract new patients. Just like physical therapy marketing strategies, dermatology marketing also follows certain methods for success. You want to use digital marketing strategies that will generate leads, translate those leads into patients, and retain patients.

But how can you make sure that your dermatology marketing campaign has the right strategies to boost your online presence and strengthen your dermatology brand? Here, we’ll dive into some of the key ways you can use your dermatology marketing campaign to get your clinic’s name out there.

Use PPC and SEO Services for Local Dermatology Marketing

One of the best ways to boost your dermatology marketing plan is to reach out to a company that provides professional dermatology marketing services. These services cover offerings such as SEO for dermatology websites, website development, responsive website design, writing and adding content, and keyword analytics. You should also focus on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing. The idea is to engage people online who are interested in dermatology services.

One of the fastest ways to experience lead generation is to add PPC advertising to your dermatology marketing strategy. Before you begin a PPC campaign, you need to determine your ad spend budget. That way, you will only spend what you can afford. Every time someone clicks on your ad in Google related to a keyword search, you are charged a fee. However, this fee is small when you compare it with how much you can make. For instance, you might spend $3.00 for the click, but make $400 for the services you provide a new patient. That’s a large boost to your bottom line and a great return on your investment.

Consider Using Google Ads and Improving Your Web Design

Besides using keyword analytics, you can also use topic targeting. This marketing strategy enables you to cover a comprehensive range of web pages on Google’s Display Network. When analyzing content on web pages, Google Ads looks at linking, language, text, and the structure of a page. It determines the main theme of a page before displaying the ads.

Another way to increase interest in your dermatology practice and website is to build a website with a responsive or UX (User-friendly) design. Doing so will reduce your bounce rates (or visitors leaving your site) and make it easier for users of both PCs and smartphones to view your site and services. This strategy will help you attract leads from organic searches. According to statistics, the average length of a page that ranks number one on Google is under 1,150 words in content length. Therefore, page length should be considered as well.

As you can see, you have a lot to consider when you strategize your dermatology marketing campaign. You need to use several different approaches to reap results from both organic and paid Google search marketing strategies. Fill out the form on this page or give us a call today at 877-382-4011 to learn how we can create a lead generation campaign for your dermatology practice and website.

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