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Why SEO Is Important For Your Chiropractic Office

For years, chiropractors have relied on word-of-mouth recommendations or referrals from other medical professionals to keep clients coming through their doors. The trouble is that, while these methods still have their place, how patients seek chiropractic services is changing. And, if you don’t change with them, you’ll soon find yourself behind the times. The fact is that, right now, even clients who’ve been recommended your services are liable to search for you online. If you have a poor search listing or, heaven forbid, no web presence at all, then they’re unlikely to book an appointment. By comparison, a chiropractor with a quality website that appears on Google’s first page is almost guaranteed success. The good news is that this goal is easier than ever to reach, especially with the help of our chiropractic SEO services. By optimizing your web presence and streamlining your online marketing efforts, we promise to put you at the forefront for both recommended and organic clients. But you don’t need to take our word for it. Let’s delve a little deeper into why chiropractor SEO is so important.

Get on Google’s good side

Search engine optimization (SEO) stands to increase the traffic your website enjoys by as much as 50% for one pressing reason – it gets you on Google’s good side. Most notably, this marketing focus proves to the search engine powers-that-be that you’re a reputable chiropractor worth their recommendation. Focuses like quality content and a well-designed website are especially useful here as they prove your worth and relevance in real-time to ensure that you look good to Google and all other search engines.

This is invaluable as it increases your chances of appearing earlier in a search that uses optimized and relevant keywords (more on those later.) Given that 94% of browsers don’t stray past the first search page, it’s no exaggeration to say that this is the only way to get your practice noticed right now and moving forward.

Always reach relevant clients

We touched on keyword strategies above. These focus on tailoring your web content and landing pages to specific, relevant words such as ‘chiropractic services’ ‘chiropractor’ ‘chiropractors in *enter location name here*’ and so on. These are fundamental not only for helping Google to recognize your industry relevance but also for ensuring that the clients you reach are much more likely to convert.

This tailored SEO focus ensures that you’re not simply sending your advertising out into the ether. Rather, perfecting your keyword strategy means that you should start seeing results far quicker than you would by focusing on any other marketing area.

Become a trusted name in the industry

Most chiropractors have a web presence these days, meaning that you have to prove your value to stand apart. Brand trust plays a crucial part in that, which is lucky considering that this is also a central theme of SEO.

Getting on Google’s first page as mentioned is, in itself, a fantastic way to prove yourself as an industry frontrunner, but SEO takes this benefit even further. Links on other pages are especially useful, not only for increasing how you look in Google’s eyes but also for achieving a web-based version of the recommendations that have kept clients coming your way in the past.

Increase your chances at word-of-mouth

While SEO might seem like a step away from word-of-mouth marketing, it’s actually the opposite. By increasing your organic traffic online, you can drastically increase the number of new clients signing onto your books. New clients mean new opportunities to impress, and thus the possibility of far more word of mouth recommendations. That’s got to be good news when you consider that people are 90% more likely to trust a recommendation from a friend!

Start your Chiropractic SEO strategy with Dietz Group today

The benefits of chiropractor SEO speak for themselves, and you can start enjoying them today with the help of our marketing experts here at Dietz Group. We have the first-hand experience of what works where chiropractic SEO focuses are concerned, meaning that we’re in the best position to bring these benefits right to your door without adding to your workloads.

We provide a wide range of chiropractic SEO services at budgets to suit all needs, and can help you with the immediate implementation of a strategy that includes –

  • Keyword research
  • Web optimization
  • High-quality content
  • Link Building
  • Web design
  • And more

Keep your clients happy and stay forever one step ahead of your competitors by calling us for a no-obligation, free consultation on 877-382-4011 today or simply fill out the contact form here on this page.

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